Book of the Month: Gods With Fur

July 2016’s Book of the Month is Gods With Fur, a new anthology edited by Fred Patten and published by FurPlanet.

Art by Teagan Gavet

From the very beginning, mankind has found the divine in the shape of animals from across the world. Deities such as Ganesha, Coyote, Anubis, and The Monkey King—even Zeus took to the wing from time to time. In ancient Egyptian deserts, misty Central American rainforests, and across wind swept tundra, man has forever told stories of gods with fur, feathers, scales, or tusks.

Gods With Fur features twenty-three new stories of divine animals working their will upon the land. You may recognize gods such as Bastet, while other stories see authors working in their familiar worlds, such as M. R. Anglin’s Silver Foxes books or Kyell Gold’s Forester University books. Others are set in new worlds where the anthropomorphic gods have tales to tell us. We are proud to present this new furry view of divinity.

The majority of contributions in Gods With Fur are from FWG members. The full table of contents:

  • “400 Rabbits,” Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden
  • “Contract Negotiations,” Field T. Mouse
  • “On the Run from Isofell,” M. R. Anglin
  • “To the Reader…,” Alan Loewen
  • “First Chosen,” BanWynn Oakshadow
  • “All Of You Are In Me,” Kyell Gold
  • “Yesterday’s Trickster,” NightEyes DaySpring
  • “The Gods of Necessity,” Jefferson Swycaffer
  • “The Precession of the Equinoxes,” Michael H. Payne
  • “Deity Theory,” James L. Steele
  • “Questor’s Gambit,” Mary E. Lowd
  • “Fenrir’s Saga,” Televassi
  • “The Three Days of the Jackal,” Samuel C. Conway
  • “A Melody in Seduction’s Arsenal,” Slip-Wolf
  • “Adversary’s Fall,” MikasiWolf
  • “As Below, So Above,” Mut
  • “Wings of Faith,” Kris Schnee
  • “The Going Forth of Uadjet,” Frances Pauli
  • “That Exclusive Zodiac Club,” Fred Patten
  • “Three Minutes To Midnight,” Killick
  • “A Day With No Tide,” Watts Martin
  • “Repast (A Story of Aligare),” Heidi C. Vlach
  • “Origins,” Michael D. Winkle

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