2014 Cóyotl Awards open for nominations

It’s that time again — the 2014 Cóyotl Awards are now open for nominations! All FWG members are eligible to make nominations, and they should be submitted through this page:


(If you have trouble with the website, you can also email your nominations to coyotlawards [at] gmail.com.)

Remember, the nominated works don’t have to be written by FWG members, and self-published works are also eligible (including those self-posted to sites like FurAffinity and SoFurry), as long as they were published in 2014.

Nominations will run through June 1.

If you need a reminder of the furry fiction that was published last year, check out the 2014 Recommended Works thread on the forums:


And whether you’re a member or not, feel free to add your suggestions to that thread to let our members know what’s worth checking out!

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