Cóyotl Award winners announced

The Cóyotl Awards ceremony was held last night at Rainfurrest. Congratulations to all the winners!

2012 winners:
(Full list of nominees at http://coyotlawards.org/2012-2/)

Best Novel: By Sword and Star by Renee Carter Hall
Best Novella: Reach for the Sky (The Battle of Britain – a novel of Lt. Corn Book 1) by Vixyy Fox
Best Short Story: “Chasing the Spotlight” by Tim Susman (published in ROAR Volume 4)

2013 winners:
(Full list of nominees at http://coyotlawards.org/2013-2/)

Best Novel: God of Clay by Ryan Campbell
Best Novella: Indigo Rain by Watts Martin
Best Short Story: “Fox in the Hen House” by Mary E. Lowd (published in Dancing in the Moonlight)
Best Anthology: Hot Dish #1 edited by Alopex

And if you’ve read something great so far this year that you think members should take a look at for the 2014 awards, come tell us about it in this thread:



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