Yannarra Cheena

YannarraYannarra is a writer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

When not writing she spends her time sculpting, reading and wishing cheetahs were native to the plains of Alberta.

Living with her fiancé and partner-in-writing, Voice, and their two cats, Yannarra also spends her free time in the Rocky Mountains or just having fun with friends.

Currently her work has seen publication in Fifty Shades of Decay by Angelic Knight Press, Dead North: Canadian Zombie Fiction by Exile Press, ROAR 5 and Taboo with FurPlanet.

She can also be found as an editor for the anthology Abandoned Places, headed by Tarl “Voice” Hoch, in addition to being one of the hosts for an online writer’s podcast called Fangs and Fonts.


http://www.furaffinity.net/ user/yannarra/