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Watts Martin

When not designing spacecraft AIs, racing to stop terrorists, or romancing werewolves, Watts Martin writes stories for fun and documentation for a living. (Which is, for the record, often still fun.) Most of Watts’s stories involve anthropomorphic animals, which may be why they’ve been nominated for multiple Cóyotl and Ursa Major Awards. In addition to the short story collection Why Coyotes Howl and the Cóyotl-winning novella Indigo Rain, you can find other works by Watts in anthologies including Inhuman Acts, Five Fortunes, and The Furry Future, and magazines including New Fables and Heat. Watts’s first novel, Kismet, was released by Argyll Productions in early 2017.

Watts was the co-editor of the short-lived but influential furry magazine Mythagoras in the early 1990s, and wrote the once famous novella A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood. Watts has also served as the president of the Furry Writers’ Guild.

Watts’s writing, including several free stories, is available at Coyote Tracks. Follow on Twitter at @chipotlecoyote.