VeritasVeritas has been a hobbyist writer for much of his life, though it took him years to get beyond the literary equivalent of scribbles and stick figures. (Actual, drawn stick figures remain beyond him.) He’s had an interest in anthropomorphism since well before he knew what the word was, which took off once he got to university and a stable Internet connection.

His first venture into furry publishing came with volume 3 of FANG, then the “little black book of furry fiction”, where his entry “Black and White” took a fantasy twist on college romance. Over the years, some posts to Yiffstar and FurRag followed, then a presence on some newer archive sites, along with attempts to post shorter snippets of fiction, more frequently, on his journal and then on a WordPress blog. He’s also been published outside furry with “The Clockwork Menagerie,” a steampunk twist on gay romance, in the anthology Queer Fish, volume 2, by Pink Narcissus Press (

Three times a winner of National Novel Writing Month ( and always fond of a well-constructed and consistent world, he has a habit of sneaking plot into even the most shameless porn.

He can be found online at the following places, with a scattering of content:




Between presentation difficulties and content restrictions, none of those can hold all of his material. A more extensive selection, including small snips of incomplete work going back several years, can be found on his LiveJournal ( which hasn’t been used for anything not related to writing for years. All of his recent material (where “recent” goes past the site’s inauguration in 2010) is on his storyblog at which includes, in recent years, an extensive assortment of work, furry and otherwise, naughty or tame, on themes suggested by readers in occasional prompt calls.