Vendetta Leopard

Vendetta LeopardVendetta was born and bred in the United Kingdom and started writing in his childhood.  From reading the Science Fiction greats of Issac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, and Larry Niven, as well as the nature parables of Richard Adams and the fantasies of C. S. Lewis, was his cloth cut.  There came a time when all the many words inside started leaking outside, and then he had to write.  He’s not stopped since.

Furry came later to the game for Vendetta, sinking its hooks into him during his teenage years with the VHS release of the Lion King in 1995.  From fan-fiction to erotic fan-fiction to erotic furry fiction, his destiny was set: porn with a plot.  It’s all been downhill from there, leading inexorably to his publishing on the major furry sites since 2006.  The culmination of all this has been Vendetta’s first foray into print, a story for the erotic anthology Holidays published by FurPlanet in 2011.

Fun fact: The name ‘Vendetta’ comes from one of his favourite books, Vendetta by Peter David, a Star Trek: TNG novel.

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