T.D. Coltraine

“T.D.” Coltraine, born 1978, has considered himself a worldbuilder and character designer for about two decades, working primarily in the adult and action-fantasy genres. While far from prolific, T.D. does like to think that what pieces he has released are worth reading, with hopes that more is forthcoming and that you’ll enjoy them as much as he does.

When not in literary mode, T.D. spends his time enjoying his small apartment, two cats, a substantial video game collection and more caffeine than any one person should. T.D.’s creations include Lady Chatterlynx’s Lover on SoFurry and the adventures of Crete the Minotaur in Child of Stone, available on Smashwords.. He can be found in Fang Volume 4 (“Differential Equations”), Fang Volume 7 (“Strings”), Fang Volume 8 (“The Center of My Universe”), Abandoned Places (“Stared Too Deeply”), and Dissident Signals (“The Melting Pot Has Frozen Over”).

Twitter: @td_coltraine