ThreetailsThreetails, also known as Rose LaCroix, was born in Oklahoma City, OK in 1984.  She has lived in Spain, South Carolina, the UK, Nevada, and Arkansas and now lives in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon with her fiance Kobi LaCroix.  She is happy in the Northwest and, after a very restless life, has decided to settle there.

She writes poetry, short fiction, novels, and nonfiction spanning numerous genres, but furry fiction with a heavy SFF slant and stories with medieval and 20th century settings are where she feels most at home.  Rose’s most recent work is inspired by a series of unusual experiences she had in 2012 and 2013 and delves into the supernatural, questions of subjective reality, and the subject of time and space.

Her debut novel, Basecraft Cirrostratus, premiered at Anthrocon 2010.  Her second novel, The Goldenlea, debuted in 2013.  Her short story “Forty Thousand Dollars” was featured on Anthropomorphic Dreams.  Other stories by Threetails (including a companion story to “Forty Thousand Dollars” called “Designed for Greatness”) can be found on her FurAffinity page.

Some of her upcoming projects include Escape from St. Arned, a sequel to Basecraft Cirrostratus due out in 2014; The Linen Butterfly, a sequel to The Goldenlea due out in 2015; and DSS Vimana, a completely new science fiction adventure which should be available by 2016.