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TelevassiTelevassi is a writer currently living in south-east England, but secretly wishes to move back to the south-west where he studied for a degree in English Literature so he can resume exploring the beaches and woods there. He is fascinated with imagining the world as other animals see it and combining it with our own human perspective – naturally leading to his participation in the Furry Fandom. Televassi writes both poetry and prose, and has a slight obsession with Beowulf, The Elder Edda, and Celtic La Tène and Germanic cultures. Considering these interests, it is ironic that his nickname is TV. Yes, as in a television.

You can find Televassi’s work in Fragments of Life’s Heart, Gods with Fur, Heat 2016, and Civilized Beasts 2015. You can find him on Twitter regularly talking about writing, history, and rock climbing; or bring him to you by collecting lots of books on the Celts.