Sisco Polaris

SiscoSisco Polaris has been a part of the furry community since the late nineties and a writer since he was old enough to hold a pen. He started writing furry stories before he even knew what a fur was, or that he was one. Now he has written several popular short story series and in 2015 he published his first novel, Dyeing to be With You. He is the writer behind the popular furry comic Lost and Found. A lover of romance, characters, world building and erotica, more of his short stories can be found on his SoFurry and Fur Affinity pages, as well as his Patreon. His short story “Reunion” was published by Sofawolf Press in Hot Dish 2 (2016). Also his stories “Don’t Judge Me” and “For the Sins of the Father” were published by Thurston Howl Publications (2017).

Sisco is currently working on the final edits of his next full length novel, being published by Thurston Howl Publications in 2017. He is also working on several different anthology collections with various furry writers, hopefully to be published in 2017/2018.

When he isn’t writing erotic fiction he is an avid gamer, and regularly streams on hitbox and Twitch along with his husband Brazz the chiger. He also enjoys baking, walking, weight lifting and playing with his pets an evil cat named Jasper and a sweet chocolate Labrador named Tennyson. 

Twitter: @siscopolaris