Seth Drake

Seth DrakeSeth has been writing for the fandom since 1993, when he was a founder member of the first Herpetophile Mailing List (HML).  From 1993 to 1996 he wrote exclusively for the HML in both of its first two incarnations: his major works were a linked series of ‘chapters’ under the general title _SeHT, Gold Dragon Lord and a short romantic novel entitled The Fox and the Dragon.  In addition to this he wrote poetry and other fiction of various lengths, such as A New Beginning and Fragments of a Forgotten Dream.

While he endured a hiatus of creativity and output for almost a decade, he resumed writing in 2006 or thereabouts, publishing some of his output on FurAffinity and SoFurry (quondam YiffStar) to a very warm reception.  Thus far he has had two stories published in print, both by Will A. Sanborn’s Anthropomorphic Dreams Publications: “God Keep You, Tommy” (in Alone in the Dark and nominated to the Ursa Major Awards 2008 Recommended Anthropomorphics List) and “It Always Rains Here” (in Different Worlds, Different Skins).

As well as these, he is actively working on other stories, including the completion of a novella with the working title I Feel Like I Could Run For Ever.

He is also active outside the fandom as a writer and performance poet, but makes his living as an AI programmer at a games studio in Darkest Peru–er, Germany.

Artwork by The Satyr half of WenchInTheGears