Searska GreyRaven

“Is… is this thing on?”  *tap tap*  “Spectacular.”

Searska GreyRaven has been writing since she could hold a crayon.  And the first thing she wrote about involved — you guessed it — animals.  She’s been living with one foot in her imaginary world ever since, and occasionally scribbles down enough to invite people to join her for tea or an adventure on the other side.  She was first published in the anthology Different Worlds, Different Skins edited by Will Sanborn, and most recently in ROAR 5 published by Bad Dog Books. Her other work can be found at her FurAffinity account and Facebook under the name “Searska_GreyRaven” or her web page:

When she’s in the Real World, Searska tends to be a shy creature and difficult to find unless one knows exactly where to look.  Namely, libraries, coffee shops, and wherever nerds, geeks, gamers, furries, and anime fanatics gather in large numbers. She makes her home in South Florida with her mate, a bearded dragon named Norbert, and an acre of tropical wilderness.