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S. Park

Stephanie Park, who goes by S.Park (yes, you can just pronounce it “spark”), has been writing stories since the age of six, when she wrote and illustrated a story about Care Bears giving each other balloons.  College writing courses helped grow her skills, but also made her decide that writing as a full time job just wasn’t what she was cut out for.  She eventually landed in the crafting/fursuiting world, and still makes fursuits on occasion.


She has finished half a dozen novels, most of which were terrible and will never be published.  She also writes massive amounts of fanfiction and dubious erotica, and has a complete obsession with vampires.

Her published works currently consist of one vampire novel (Blood Choice) and one short story collection (The Garden Maze), both available as e-books at Jaffa Books. S
he is working hard on several other projects, both in and out of furry, which will hopefully reach publication eventually.