S. Park

normal_IMG_20191026_192725066S.Park (and yes, you can pronounce that “spark”) has been writing stories since first producing an illustrated tale about Care Bears at the age of six.  He still writes fanfiction to this day, enjoying exploring other people’s worlds, but finds it even more rewarding to create his own.

He loves the infinite possibilities of fantasy worlds, yet somehow always ends up writing about vampires, werewolves, and other interesting, scary, sexy supernatural creatures. He also enjoys exploring gender, sexuality, and kink through his stories, which are sprinkled with real experiences that have informed the wild fantasies.

He currently writes part time, while chasing one toddler, two cats, two snakes, and one husband around the house full time.

He formerly published under the name “Stephanie Park” but has switched to the “S.” as  a simple way to bring his current and past identities together.