Rob Baird

When Rob was a little baby / sittin’ on his daddy’s knee / he picked up a Macbook and a little Model M / and said “this keyboard’s gonna be the death of me.”
Raised on a diet of Kipling, Heinlein and Leiber, Rob discovered furry fandom in the late ‘90s and never looked back. He started writing in college, on a scavenged IBM Selectric, before realizing computers make it a lot easier to share stuff on that ‘Internet’ thing. It kinda worked, and his quirky blend of science fiction, esoteric trivia and folk music has been alternately entertaining and baffling readers since 2004.
He’s a big fan and an ardent, even quixotic booster of the online writing scene and wears his SoFurry baseball cap (really!) with pride. Beyond publishing his own work there, he’s also responsible for a series of posts tracking story and author statistics and analyzing site trends. “Coyotes,” it was observed, “even wander and scavenge through spreadsheets.” Pretty much.
A longtime resident of Colorado, Rob moved to Berlin, Germany in 2011. By day he is a copywriter who is not allowed to write about talking animals nor to put them in (subtle code word incoming) adult situations. By night, anything goes! You can read the results in FurPlanet’s Taboo or on the web at