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Pyrostinger is a guy who’s been writing for a while, ever since middle school when he tried to write a story that he never ended up finishing and officially lost track of.  There have been a number of aborted attempts since then, but then he found furry and that’s when it all went terribly wrong.  Thanks to this new-found prurient interest, he actually managed to finish a story that has since ballooned into a multi-chapter story that… he has yet to finish to this day.  But don’t worry; since entering the fandom roughly 5 or 6 years ago, he’s written several stories that are definitely finished.  Maybe.  You can find his work primarily on FA at www.furaffinity.net/user/pyrostinger as well as SOME of the work at yiff– ah, Sofurry.com at pyrostinger.sofurry.com.  He was surprised to find himself invited to be a part of the X project, so go buy X, also.  And someday, someday he’ll get into Heat magazine.  If he ever does, the previous sentence will self-destruct.