805-736-maxPattarchus is a German writer, editor and publisher.  An ambitious writer since grade school, he has been writing anthropomorphic fiction for many years now.  His early works have been published in an anthology.

He is editor-in-chief and publisher of the anthology Fur Fiction and writes nonfiction about mythological creatures and many creative works-in-progress aside from novels.

He studied chemistry, biology and German studies at the Leibniz University in Germany and is interested in forensic anthropology and also topics like falconry, medieval living history, protection of species, e.g. to resettle lynxes in the Harz Mountains, wolves in Northern Germany and bearded vultures in the Alps.

As an active ‘New Mediaist’, Pattarchus’ online presence is nigh ubiquitous.  He can be found on Facebook, Twitter, FurAffinity and SoFurry.

He currently lives in his book crowded apartment, writes on his beloved MacBook and enjoys his several cups of coffee every day.