PadfootPadfoot is a dog of the military.  He was born and raised in CA and lived there peacefully for many years.  Then after overdosing on In-N-Out burger, he finally got himself a BA in English, focus in Creative Writing and Literature.  After an illustrious career as an assistant manager at a deli, a car wash mechanic, and a professional costume character, Padfoot decided it was time to get a real job.  He joined the military and has been with them ever since.  The wolf’s greatest advantage is that he goes out and experiences things first-hand, seeking out new heights and depths.  Padfoot hopes to be an author of a full novel one day, but for now he’s been doing short stories for “Megamorphics”, a furry macro themed APA.  He plans to continue to challenge himself, developing his writing more while working full-time.