Nenekiri Bookwyrm

Heya! I’m Nenekiri and I’m a red and white dragon that loves books and a good cup of tea. I’m also a programmer/web developer that works on writing short stories and making video games in his free time. I love to read sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and slice of life books/stories and as such a lot of those themes end up in my writing. I occasionally dabble in playing ukelele and painting. Currently living in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Design. My all-time favorite author is Ray Bradbury as I love his descriptions and the range of worlds he created in his short stories. I’ve been fortunate enough to be published in a few anthologies, namely “The Underground Star” in Reclamation Project: Year One by Furplanet and “Distress Signal” in Boldly Going Forward by Goal Publications. I’ve also been featured on The Voice of Dog with “Unpredictability”.