Mog Moogle

Mog has been lurking around the fandom since the early 2000s. He started writing furry stuff just for fun in 2004. Since then, he’s posted several free stories on SoFurry, and his first printed story appeared in Fragments of Life’s Heart by Weasel Press in 2016.

When not doing furry stuff, he’s usually trying to figure out how to do more furry stuff. He loves to travel and see new places, and really enjoys furry conventions.

Mog’s had a few interesting experiences to lend to his writing. Being an Army veteran and former police officer with an adrenaline junkie mindset has led to more than one interesting adventure in his day.

He’s usually a friendly type of critter that enjoys hugs and loves talking to readers and fellow writers. Feel free to contact him and let him know what you think of his stories (or his terrible bio).

Twitter: @Mog_K_Moogle