Matthias Struck

Matthias “Reyneke im Nebelgewand/Nova Fox” Struck is a young (as he tends to call it “29b”) student of computer science, with a specialty in Real Time Systems.  Currently he is working on his diploma thesis (Quote: “An unholy combination of two software products, infused with alchemical substances, that will allow me to rule the world … errr, Whoops.  Did I just say that out loud?”) and writes, when he has the time, on his next entry to FurFiction – a German collection of anthropomorphic stories once published by Helge “Tyger” Lange, now Pattarchus Stormwind.

He began writing in the year 2000, after reading the stories of Ken Stone.  After a few fan fictions, he developed ideas and universes of his own rather quickly and soon was on track to become a successful author.  Guided by other German furry authors, like Helge “Tyger” Lange or Mryia Jackalope he learned and is still learning today.

So far Reyneke has published four stories: “Freihändler”, “Suzannes erster Überfall” (a low-point in his career) and “Freitag, der dreizehnte” in FurFiction and “Schwarze Barden – Teil Eins: Spots” in the Furry Fandom Magazine, another small German fanzine published by Brogon.  The last story ranked him second place in the story contest, associated with the FFM, losing by a mile against Ulrich “Wer-Kater” Reimert, another German author of anthropomorphic stories (And a damn fine one as well. Against him I don’t stand a chance no matter how hard I try – Reyneke).

Reyneke himself has a homepage (, but since he has ADHS, a lot of things to do at this moment and is not that much of a good page-keeper, he hasn’t updated it for quite a while.