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Lloyd Yaeger

Jaeger_white_medLloyd Yaeger is a horned owl who currently lives in Los Angeles, where he works as a grad student and English teacher. In his spare time, he likes to write fiction, usually in the furry and sci-fi genres. He lives with his partner and his pet, both of whom are cats, though only one of them walks on four legs.  He studies English, and is currently writing a dissertation on something or other. With luck, he may finish it someday. A list of his favorite things would have to include espresso, roller coasters, queerness, cooking, rabbits, rye, sushi, and cyberpunk.

His work has appeared in The Rabbit Dies First, ed. Ryan Campbell (2019), and is forthcoming in the next New Tibet anthology. He enjoys writing character-based stories in speculative settings, particularly when they explore LGBTQ themes.

Furaffinity: LloydYaeger
Twitter: @titanium_owlboy