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Kyle “Stinkdog” Viehmann

Kyle Viehmann has been writing since elementary school where he wrote and maintained an opinion column for the school’s newspaper.  At age 14 he found the furry fandom and dedicated his creative effort to writing anthropomorphic fiction.  Kyle has a fond love of movies and has been known to write reviews of them on occasion if the mood strikes.  He also graduated from Hofstra University’s film studies program with a focus on writing for the screen.  He has written and completed two unpublished, novel length works and is in the process of finishing a third as well as a feature length screenplay.  However, he has only had one short story published in FANG Vol. 1 so far.  He currently lives in Burlington, Vermont where he toils away at his day job as a security officer and continues to write in his free time.  Most of his written work can be found at www.furaffinity.net/user/stinkdog/ and stinkdog.sofurry.com/.