I have worked most of my adult life in the machine trades, primarily in the aerospace Industry. I have obtained rank in both aikido and judo arts. I enjoy the outdoors and likes to spend my free time exploring the backwoods in the mountains of West Virginia to the best of my aging body can. I have two adult children and one loving wife. I currently reside in rural Ohio near the village of Covington with my wife and her dogs(They are not mine, but I may be known to spoil them on the rare occasion). I have previously published the books The Bloodline Chronicles Vol. I, Vol. II, and Vol. III which is a young adult series I really do want to finish publishing some day, as well as all three books in the popular series, The Student which is extreme erotica or as I sometimes refer to it as written porn. I’m currently working on two series to follow The Student and have several books in draft form in each, but they have a long way to go before I can start publishing again. Nevertheless, writing is still remains a hobby that I like to throw money at when I have to much of it laying around or it sure feels that way at times. Other times, it seems as a good escape from the insanity around me that most consider the real world. I can be found on SoFurry, FurAffinity, and InkBunny.