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Jaden Drackus

Jaden Drackus

Jaden Drackus (or Jay Dee) is a foxdragon from Maryland. Born in 1983, he has been writing furry stories since officially stumbling into the fandom in 2010. Since then he has written in his spare time to remain sane while pursuing his bachelor’s in military history, which he achieved in 2016. At the moment, he works for UPS.

Jay’s catalog consists mostly of fantasy and erotica with the occasional video game fan fiction thrown in. He has made side journeys into the realms of science fiction and historical fiction.

A video gamer, builder of model airplanes, reader, and keen observer of life’s little ironies, Jay Dee lives in Baltimore with his boyfriend and 4 cats when he isn’t writing while waiting for games to load.

His work can be found at Fur Affinity and at SoFurry. His silly observations on life can be seen on his Twitter: @JadenDrakus.