J. Daniel Phillips

Daniel is a deer (sometimes coyote) writer of many different genres, but retains a love of westerns, noir, detective stories, historical fiction, and fantasy in which he has written across many of these. While not trying to coax out the next thousand words on his next written project, he is usually preparing to run or play in one ttrpg campaign or another and he enjoys everything from Pathfinder to World of Darkness and can bend your ear with how to make a perfect game as DM/Storyteller or player. Or enjoying a good bad movie marathon! His education is in business but he has spent most of his life in information technology and dreams of going back to get a degree in psychology. He currently lives in central Pennsylvania with a cat and a dog who not only somehow both have the same name but resemble one another too. Hey, and he does con panels sometimes! So if you see him listed, drop in and say hello!

You can follow the things he likes and retweets on Twitter at @greyhound1211