J. Daniel Phillips

1591042708.greyhound1211_bookerDan is a writer of primarily fiction in both short story, novella, and novel length. He has an undying love for detective fiction, crime, westerns, historical fiction, and anything fantasy. He’s a resident of Pennsylvania and graduate student in psychology where he studies to be a licensed professional counselor.

His interests, hobbies, and experiences are varied and strange and include such things as holding public office, collecting antiques, and voraciously devouring movies, film, games, and written works alike.

His novellas have been featured in Wolf Warriors V and Even Furries Hate Nazis, published by Thurston Howl, and A Sword Master’s Tale, published by Armoured Fox Press. His breakout weird western novel, Aces High, will be heading to publication sometime soon.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Greyhound1211