Hugo Jackson

Hugo JacksonHugo is the author of Legacy, the first of four books known collectively as The Resonance Tetralogy. Legacy was first self-published on Amazon Kindle in November 2012, then published by Inspired Quill in paperback and re-released on Kindle in September 2013. The cover illustrations are by Minna Sundberg.

Hugo lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was born in Chichester, UK, and lived there until the age of 26, moving the USA to live with his wife, whom he met over the internet at a writer’s forum. He was due to study Psychology at University, but decided it was too much work and studied Performing Arts at Chichester College instead. Incidentally, he believes Performing Arts is very hard work when done properly, and did not anticipate this in his initial educational escape plan.

Hugo is a dormant member of the Raven Tor Living History group, as part of which (when he has an opportunity) he enjoys bashing people with large pieces of wood and/or metal in medieval tournaments, ostensibly hoping not to get hurt. Not being hurt is one of his favourite activities, but he doesn’t often get time to enjoy this given his natural, healthy British exuberance, general clumsiness, and a day job that involves working with incredibly sharp knives, heavy equipment, slippery surfaces and large slabs of meat.

Along with writing, Hugo has a passion for stage acting, voice acting, stage combat, and anime. He has performed in several professional theatre productions (and some very unprofessional ones), as well as a few documentaries for the National Geographic channel, and was an extra in The Young Victoria. Intermittently he has led stage combat workshops for the Chichester Festival Youth Theatre, Chichester College and The Point Youth Theatre in Eastleigh.

He constructs his own Steampunk costumes and regularly attends any conventions he can as his original characters Phoenix the Blade and Magnus Mal (a robotic werewolf), both of whom are to feature in his forthcoming Steampunk novel series, The Song Chronicle of Thera.

Hugo has been exposed to story writing and dramatic narrative from a very early age, as his older sister used to write and illustrate stories to keep him amused. His greatest creative influences in his youth were the Mysterious Cities of Gold and Reboot TV series; in books it was The Deptford Mice trilogy, written by Robin Jarvis, who is his favourite author along with Garth Nix (The Abhorsen Trilogy, Shade’s Children). He has a sizable collection of anime DVDs and an enormous array of soundtracks from anime, films and video games. Music is one of his biggest inspirations, with various favourite tracks responsible for the majority of the Resonance Tetralogy storyline.

He received a special mention in the UK paperback edition of Gideon Defoe’s book The Pirates! in an Adventure with Communists for his entry in a short story competition in 2006.

Hugo can currently be found cutting meat in the early mornings during his day job and cutting computer screens with lines of text in the evenings.

Links: – Hugo’s blog (poorly updated, but that will change soon) – Hugo’s deviantArt page. – The Resonance Tetralogy’s Facebook page – Twitter page