H. A. Kirsch

1449626687.hawkwolf_hawk-nines-badgeH. A. Kirsch started writing stories while attending a private grade school for the gifted. The stories had no point (he was nine years old), but they did have party-hard werewolves living in an RV and cavorting across an early-90’s America. After transitioning from a school for the ‘gifted’ into the normal world, he eventually discovered the furry fandom (and went through puberty) and started expunging his anthro-erotic thoughts onto paper. Soon, the stories even made sense. His stories, erotic and otherwise, have appeared in several furry anthologies, as well as three self-published ebooks.
Twitter: @/hawkwolfrl
FA: furaffinity.net/user/hawkwolf
SoFurry: hawk.sofurry.com