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H. A. Kirsch

H. A. Kirsch started writing stories while attending a private grade school for the gifted. The stories had no point (he was nine years old), but they did have party-hard werewolves living in an RV and cavorting across an early-90’s America.  After transitioning from a school for the ‘gifted’ into the normal world, he eventually discovered the furry fandom (and went through puberty) and started expunging his anthro-erotic thoughts onto paper. Soon, the stories even made sense.

Now, he mostly writes fetish erotica, often taking the form of dark, transgressive episodic encounters. Despite his tendencies towards explicit, even horrific sexuality, his first story to be published is a clean tale of augmented reality and bestial self-actualization. That story, “The Haircut”, appears in Bad Dog Books’ anthology ROAR 2.

In addition to writing, he also dabbles in photography, some of which can be found on his FurAffinity account.

His work can be found on FurAffinity [http://www.furaffinity.net/user/hawkwolf], Inkbunny [http://www.inkbunny.net/hawkwolf] and SoFurry [http://hawk.sofurry.com].