Art by Hiccupby

A seagull werewolf who enjoys french fries and the full moon, Gullwulf has been an avid writer for most of her life, but has only recently become a furry and been able to explore the published world of writing as a result. Born in February 1993 in Arizona, she has since moved and lived in Florida and California, and is currently making her way to Minnesota where she hopes to reside for a very, very long time.

She started her writing career as a newspaper editor and contributor in high school, and continued to carry that passion for writing after earning her B.A. in Literature and History from University of California Santa Cruz. Her dream of getting published, however, wouldn’t happen until she made some wonderful friends during college who were furries and she had a fateful encounter in Furry Migration in 2016 that gave her a glimpse into the furry writing world.

Right now she has had two short stories published in the furry market, “Old Regimes” in Dogs of War edited by Fred Patten, and “Black Fur” in Seven Deadly Sins: Furry Confessions edited by Thurston Howl. She is continuing to submit to anthologies and hopes to get a furry novella out by 2017. Her genres range from historical to modern, drama to horror, though she has a preference for anything set before the 1900s.

If you’d like to keep up with her shenanigans, she can be found on Twitter as @gullwulf, and on FurAffinity and Furry Network as “Gullwulf.”