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Frank LeRenard

Frank LeRenard (which you’d be silly to think is not a pen-name) has lived most of his life in those out of the way deserts in the USA that no one ever has any reason to want to visit, and so his work has ended up being influenced by a mixture of a desire to see more beautiful places and nostalgia for those long stretches of flat land covered in nothing but sage brush and the occasional radio tower.  After many years of odd jobs and school, he made the dramatic shift to urban Cleveland, Ohio and is working on getting his PhD in galactic astronomy.  His dream job is to some day live in Tibet, teaching His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s monks there about the universe.

As of his joining the Guild, Frank’s work has appeared in Aphelion Webzine, the Anthropomorphic Dreams Podcast, and the now-defunct Laurus Magazine.  The subject matter in his works varies widely, but tends to fall under either science fiction or fantasy, or most often a mixture of both.  Due mostly to his background, he tends to frequently fall back on one theme in his work–the strange beauty of modern industry and of the desert–but certainly isn’t afraid to write about other things.  While he writes mostly short stories, he does have a vaguely steam-punk fantasy novel in the works that he hopes one day to see published.

Currently, the only places to find Frank’s stories are in the magazines that publish them, and on his FurAffinity account: