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Ellis Aen

skonqlogo256Ellis Aen is the nom de plume of a genderqueer author who pretends to be a cross-dressing skunk-fox on the internet.

Back before he had any of that figured out, he was just a guy growing up with his nose lost in the pages of science fiction (Hyperion, Dan Simmons) and amazing animal stories (Tailchaser’s Song, Tad Williams). Despite a passion for reading, it wasn’t until stumbling upon the online furry community (FuzzyLogic, FurryMUCK) that he discovered a passion for writing.

After years of struggling with his own sense of identity, the expressive, welcoming (and sometimes a little weird) people there offered him an environment in which to explore himself and his boundaries. In creating worlds, characters, and ideas of his own, he would ultimately find the confidence to become the person he is, today (who is, consequently, also a little weird).

With interests that include the strange, the furry, the occult, the future, and the complexities of the self, Ellis enjoys bucking tradition and subverting expectations, and he is a strong opponent of the demonization of sex, sexuality, and fetishism.

Twitter: @skonqfocks