Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

Donald Jacob UitvlugtDonald Jacob Uitvlugt lives on neither coast of the United States, but mostly in a haunted memory palace of his own design. While his preferred genre is fantasy, he also writes horror and science fiction and loves stories that stretch, cross, and/or break genre lines. His short fiction has appeared in a number of print and online venues, including Cover of Darkness, the Journal of Unlikely Entomology, and the Wily Writers podcast, as well as the anthologies Sparks, WolfSongs 2, and New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan.

Many of his stories feature animals, and he has two starring anthropomorphic characters. First is the fantasy story “Irula’s Apprentice,” which appeared in Reynard’s Menagerie. The other is a science fiction story strongly influenced by Cordwainer Smith, entitled “C.Moira’s Choice,” that appeared in Ray Gun Revival. Both stories are scheduled for release in audio versions by the Anthro Dreams podcast. One of his projects is a novel set in the same world as “Irula’s Apprentice.”

His goal as a fiction author is to write what he calls “haiku fiction” []: small stories with big impact. Find out more at his website, or contact him via Twitter: @haikufictiondju.