David R. Dorrycott

Mr. David R. Dorrycott is, at this writing approaching his fifty-ninth birthday.   He has no ‘furry persona.’

Okay, that said.  Yes I’m older than dirt, I look it too.  I have been writing since around 1963, when I seriously plagiarized Five Boys In A Cave by Richard Church.  If you have $185 you can buy it off e-Bay.  Truth be told, I just wanted to see if I had any talent.  I don’t, but I still horrify the world with my efforts on nearly a weekly bases.  I have lived in four states, three countries and have visited many more (eleven countries, thirty eight states).  I also held a Fédération Aéronautique Internationale worlds record for Model Rocketry back in the late 70’s.

I have always had a love for pre-Star Trek era writing (other than E.E. Doc Smith), thus almost all my Science Fiction is set in that time or style.  I have written in the ST/SW worlds, but only in PbeM’s.  That material is not, and never will be available to the public.  I am a staunch defender of Copyright Law and creators rights.  This has cost me friends upon occasion, but I will not step down from that position.

I became interested in the Anthropomorphic Universe when I read LITTLE FUZZY, back in the Spring of 1963.  I had picked up the book at a Piggly Wiggly (Supermarket in San Antonio).  To be fair, the writers SPACE VIKINGS book was just as thrilling to me and I still own both books.  I did not though start writing in the Anthropomorphic Universe until Mrs. Mel. White invited me to join her publication ‘THE DALLAS BRAWL UPDATE’ in 1991.  I left that in 1997 as it was dying and had been passed into others hands.  I also helped start up THE FIRST FURRY CHURCH, as a gag, on the old FIDONET/FURNET system.

I was one of the writers who worked (as Lord Rees) in Mark Barnard’s two issue APA MIDNIGHT SONATA.  Here I met Mr. Simon Leo Barber and Mr. Fredrik K.T. Andersson.  I still work with them today.  From that point until the early 2000’s I stayed out of the Anthropomorphic ‘scene.’  I was just too busy raising two children and supporting my wife, who was both attending SWT and working full time. Besides, money was simply non-existent.  So attending anything called a ‘convention’ was to laugh.  Much less buying art, publications and such.   Though I did manage to attend a few A-KON’s. #2,4,6 & 7. I have never been to an Anthro-Convention, other than one tiny one day thing run by Dutch’s club up in Austin.  We dropped by on the way home from one of my wife’s many business trips for two hours.  Having helped put on several Science Fiction Conventions in Lubbock Texas with Mr. Mel. White back in the early 80’s (CapCom), I fear that we found it unimpressive.

Around 2001 I stumbled across a woman running a ‘Dangermouse’ world.  I wrote there, following through after it abruptly changed into a completely different world, The Hunter Universe.  Rumor from her friends was that Cosgrove Hill sent her a letter, but that is pure unsubstantiated rumor.  All the stories written there were then converted to a human world when I left and self published as SECRET ADVENTURES OF THE ISIC.  Trust me, after hand binding fifty hard back books, a labor of love becomes nothing but labor.  As to why the changes, she and I had a disagreement and no longer speak (as I said, my defense of Copyright has cost me friends.)

Around eight years ago Mr. Simon Barber convinced me to join Mr. Ken Fletchers SPONTOON ISLAND shared world.  To date I have completed well over fifteen hundred pages of material set in that world.  All that is published is available on my own site.  I have also started a ‘Shared World’ of my own, a Spaceopera style universe.

I also write for NORTH AMERICAN FUR, and have since either Issue #3 or 4.  All my issues previous to #18 are carefully packed away.  As it would take a serious archeology expedition armed with high explosives and a D-12 bulldozer to find them, I’ll just guess.  I won’t try to list the non-Anthro APA’s I have written for, but I did run two Anthro APA’s.  APA CASTLEHOME and another who’s name escapes me.

As to personal interest, we don’t have time to list them all.  Trains, space, ceramics, collecting, history etc etc etc… Though my son has moved out, my daughter still lives at home.  Both attend a local University and will be done in eighteen months.  Our home is stuffed with books, records and other things (many best not bothered in the light of day).  Along with my wife, I am an avid follower of TIME TEAM, DEADLIEST CATCH, most Home Improvement or Cooking shows (no, not Foul Mouths shows), History and NASCAR WINSTON CUP.  No wait, they call it sprint cup now.  I am not a member of any Anthro-based group (mainly because I can’t find one that would let me through the door without serious bloodletting) though I am a member of THE SOLAR GUARD.  I also read way too many web-comics.  No, I do not own any firearms or hold any interest in them.  Though if you want to shoot at me, I attend the 3PG servers in Team Fortress Two as Kenoscope.  Just look for the mad suicidal pyro.  And I do mean mad suicidal.

Mr. David R. Dorrycott
the world’s worst writer


The Solar Guard: http://www.solarguard.com/
Spontoon Island: http://spontoon.rootoon.com/
Naorhy: http://www.naorhy.com/main.htm
Fifth Imperial Hunt: http://spaceopera.naorhy.com/