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Craig “Heavy Horse” Loewen

Craig LoewenWriting under the name of Alan Loewen, Craig Loewen, known as Heavy Horse in furry fandom, had his first story published in the 1998 Summer issue of PawPrints Fanzine. Since then, as of this writing, he has enjoyed 25 publishing credits.

In 2007, Alan, along with a co-writer, Ken Pick, won an Honorable Mention from the 2008 Washington Science Fiction Association award with their story “Mask of the Ferret.”

In May, 2012, Alan had the privilege of being the Author Guest of Honor at Morphicon in Columbus, Ohio. His short story “Yew Manor” was written specifically for the convention.

Alan Loewen lives with his wife and three sons in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania sharing their home with a Sheltie named Socrates, two rabbits, a demented parrot lovingly dubbed The Death Chicken, and far too many cats.

You can always find him at CapClave and Anthrocon or else hiding in his office.

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Amazon: www.amazon.com/Opal-Wine-Alan-Loewen/dp/1475093500