Chris “Sparf” Williams

Chris, or ‘Sparf’ (and he will answer to either, or just ‘hey you’), is a recovering ‘Not-Writer’. He writes fragments of stories that he sometimes finishes, but often does not, and that involve the fates of empires and exploration of the stars. Or, alternatively, he writes stories dealing with the themes of love and loss. Or, alternatively, he writes whatever the voices in his head tell him to write!

Several years ago, he made a major switch from the rigors of computer science to the creative realm of the theatre. He now holds an Associate’s degree in computer science, a Bachelor of Science in theatre with a minor in classical history, and is, at present, entering the final year of his MFA in Acting at a university in Washington D.C., where he lives and works as an actor.

In the fandom, in addition to writing, he is also a fursuiter and a voice-over talent, offering up services as a story narrator and full-cast voice mixer. He has appeared as a guest reader on the Anthro Dreams podcast, reading the story “The Necromouser” by Mary E. Lowd.

Since rediscovering his love of writing, he has had stories published in the Rocket City Fur Meet and Furnal Equinox convention books, and has several other projects in the works.

His writing (as well as some of his other work) can be found on his FurAffinity page at, or on SoFurry.

You can follow him on Twitter at @sparf. If he is not busy, and that is seldom, his IM information can also be found on his FurAffinity page as well. He loves to chat with new folks, or just talk writing or other creativity, though he has a tendency to leave his IMs running.

He is also head producer and has written several scripts for the fan-produced audio drama series Star Trek: Lost Frontier, for Darker Projects, which can be found at