Chris ‘MythicFox’ Shaffer

Chris Shaffer discovered the furry fandom via an anime magazine’s letter column in the late 90’s. While he’d been writing before that, finding the community has focused and inspired him. He’s been broadening his horizons as of late, but the strongest influences on his writing are William Gibson, S. Andrew Swann, and Kyell Gold. Much of his ‘furry’ writing has focused around a cyberpunk setting he’s spent years developing, though he experiments with other genres. His writing has appeared in Fang 8 and 9, and Roar 8. He’s also an avid tabletop gamer who has freelanced for White Wolf and Onyx Path. As of this writing, he has contributed to both the Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Werewolf: The Forsaken game lines, as well as the Night Horrors line and Trinity Continuum: Æon. He currently lives in West Virginia with a roommate, a cat and a dog, and more RPG books than he will ever need in a lifetime. He has a blog at

Twitter: @mythicfox
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