c. m. averin

cm-averin-cropc.m. averin is vancouver’s premier bratty bilingual nonbinary erotic poet hare, known best for never capitalizing on anything. they enjoy writing erotic poetry, romantic thrillers, and cosmic horror, but (most importantly) tweets about their back pain. so far having escaped termination, they are an editor and copyeditor for thurston howl publications and a board director for the nonprofit society maxwolf events. as a metafeminist with a really quite expensive degree to prove it, they specialize in intersectional analyses of policy & media as well as queer & feminist epistemology.

their (furry) work has been featured in Arcana: A Tarot Anthology, Degenerates: Voices for Peace, and Purrgatorio, but the vast majority of their work is available for free on their various pages, all of which are under the handle averincm.

@averincm (twitter)
@averincm@snouts.online (mastodon)