Bryan “StarryAqua” Osborne

Bryan Osborne, whom many in the fandom know as “StarryAqua,” or just “Starry” for short among friends, has been a member of the furry fandom since 2007. While he had always had an interest in anthropomorphic characters since childhood, it wasn’t until he became familiar with the furry fandom that he felt so welcomed and gained so many friends. A fondness for storytelling has always been a lifelong passion; from books to video games to tabletop games to whatever else exists. If there’s a good tale to be had, you can always find Bryan front and center. When not writing or supporting the fandom however he can, you can always find Bryan on the bowling lanes. A bowler since the age of 3, Bryan is a member of the Professional Bowlers Association and hopes to make a lasting career doing the two things he loves: writing and bowling.

Twitter: @Starry_Aqua

FurAffinity: StarryAqua