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Bill “Hafoc” Rogers

Bill “Hafoc” Rogers was a petroleum exploration geophysicist by training, but ended up enforcing air quality regulations as his career. He got into that field by the unique method of spending all of a long job interview telling his prospective employers that his skills were of no use to them, while they did their best to convince him (and, apparently, themselves) that he was just the guy they wanted.

He’s been writing since he was a child, some time around the end of the last Ice Age. He’s probably been a furry about that long but didn’t know it until he was already pretty old, since it took him that long to run into any others. Because of that he got into writing furry stories by the science fiction route. The stories with the alien characters who didn’t think or act like humans always interested him the most, and hey, those are just furry stories seen from a different angle.

After many years he’s still trying to finish his five volume minim opus, Flanker’s Tale. He’s self-published a novel, Hilltown. This and most of his other stories and articles are available on his web site, www.flankers-tale.com/eFiction30/browse.php?type=titles

You could get a copy of Hilltown at stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=933815 if you wish, but he prefers that you be able to read his works for free so long as they’re just self-published. So the same story is available on the regular website as well.

He’s published ten stories in Anthro so far; for example, www.anthrozine.com/stry/prey. Most of those stories, plus others published in Morphicon, Anthrocon, and Further Confusion convention books (plus one or two which, mercifully, were not) may be found at his FurAffinity web site www.furaffinity.net/user/hafoc/.