BaumariusBaumarius, born April 20th, 1997, is an author who is somewhat new to the field of writing. His stories usually reside within the science fiction genre, although they do show some issues that are or will be present in our own society in one form or another. Inspired by a deep analysis into psychology and emotion, he tries to incorporate many of the things he has discovered into his writing while still maintaining engaging stories for his readers to enjoy.

While writing is a big part of what he does, he explores several other artistic outlets as well – including digital art, 3D animation and music. Most of these still center around his books, which usually end up having soundtracks and a variety of art to accompany them. More information about all of these things can be found at his website.

When he’s not writing or working on some kind of artistic project, he can usually be found talking with friends or immersed in another person’s story, whether it is in writing, video, or video game. If you would like to, feel free to contact him. Good stories are his favorite thing, and he’s always searching for new people to share them with.