B. A. Maddux

Born in Missouri, B. A. Maddux moved to the wilds of Kansas at an early age, growing up around animals varying in size from cats to horses. Before long he found himself riding horses competitively, devouring books in his few off-moments with an appetite beyond his years. Escaping the ranch to school he tried a number of paths, many of which didn’t quite fit the bill – but he never lost his love of reading, of wild adventures and distant worlds.

Discovering the furry fandom at a time long past he gradually immersed himself in its ways, making friends along the way – and turning his love of writing to this new world. Stories followed, long and short, until his first furry novel Lab Rat was published in 2012, on the day after Christmas.

Now working in IT, Maddux escapes into the adventures of his characters often, and is working on a sequel to rival its predecessor’s dark tone and adult nature.

Links to where you can find Lab Rat and about B. A. Maddux at bamaddux.wordpress.com/

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