Arian Mabe

Arian Mabe cover 1Writing under the pen name ‘Arian Mabe’ (informally ‘Amethyst Mare’), I have an extensive library of clean and erotic fiction covering and crossing multiple genres. My degree in English and Creative Writing has boosted my skill in writing tenfold, though I am still very conscious that my writing is maturing as I write and grow. I work on commissions in order to expand my range and take on work that I would not normally come across or even think of, bouncing off fresh ideas to develop my writing skill further.

I am currently working on one-off short stories, short story collections and novels, which I aim to publish in eBook formats. I have also begun submitting to furry anthologies and collections to challenge myself and get my name out there, working to increase my audience as my skill improves with every piece I write.

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