AnimaAnima is a newcomer to the world of published fiction, entering by way of a story in the fourth volume of Bad Dog Books’ erotic furry fiction anthology, FANG.

Since his early teenage years scribbling stories in a wire-bound journal, he has written primarily erotica with a science-fiction flavor. Thanks to heavy reading of excellent childrens’ authors like Victor Appleton and Bruce Coville, then later Arthur C. Clarke, Alan Dean Foster, Ray Bradbury, Piers Anthony, Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey, he was eager to create and share new fantastic worlds with others. Forays onto the world wide web in the late 90’s led him to discover the world of furries, immediately flavoring most of his future work.

He strives to provide a rich sensory experience with his writing, using imagery to immerse the reader. He believes erotica is more than a slap-dash framework thrown up to support textual porn; a plot with tension and characters you care for are going to be far better vehicles to deliver a sensual adventure.

Today Anima aspires to build worlds for an ever-growing pool of readers to share with him, and if he should wind up being one of the superbly lucky individuals who get to earn their living doing so…nothing would please him more! In the meantime, he refurbishes computers for a non-profit to pay the bills, works on a full-length novel set outside the erotic genre, collects and modifies Nerf weaponry, builds movie prop replicas, and procrastinates obscenely.