1589884877.anhedral_anhedral_smallProud Canuck by birth, Brit by chance of fate, Anhedral trained as a zoologist before making a career in conservation and ecology. He lives in Scotland; these days he’s a music teacher, and he’s loving it. Anhedral remained shamefully ignorant of the creative maelstrom that is furry until 2012. A kindly wolf and a lovely fennec helped him catch up, and their warmth and generosity showed the fandom at its truest and its best. Anhedral’s wife suffers his newfound addiction with bemused tolerance, and for her love and support he remains extremely grateful.

Most of Anhedral’s scribbles can be found over at His short stories have also appeared in ‘ROAR’ volume 10 and in ‘Werewolves Versus The Circus’, with another coming out shortly in ‘Paw-ly Love’ from Thurston Howl Publications.

When he’s not wrestling with unruly sentences or scaring his flute students with unplayable duets, Anhedral enjoys cycling, hill-walking, and carting his camera to out-of-the-way places. He drinks too much coffee for his own good, will never have time to get through all of the brilliant fantasy and science fiction on his bucket list, and has a weakness for most any critter that can fly.