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Alice Clawford

Alice Clawford lives for writing and has done since she was still in high school. She lives in Wales, where she remains glued to a computer writing every day she can, writing part-time being commissioned for primarily furry works. When she doesn’t hold a
pen or a keyboard beneath her paws, she enjoys reading books, cross-stitching and talking to other people online. She also takes part in Table Top Roleplaying Games like Dungeons & Dragons. Alice is a huge fan of horror novels and loves the theme of horror and is also a huge stationary addict.
Alice Clawford frequents her twitter where she mostly looks art furry artwork and takes commissions over at her Furaffinity and Sofurry pages. She also runs a Patreon page, where each month she rolls story cubes and creates a story each month using the images as prompts and themes voted for by her patrons.