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Alex F. Vance

Alex VanceAlex Vance is a writer, editor and publisher.  His work has been published in Heat Vol. 4 and the sacrilicious anthology X, both from Sofawolf Press, as well as the erstwhile FurNation Magazine.  He is editor-in-chief of Bad Dog Books, publishing the serial anthologies FANG and ROAR in addition to novels both graphic and otherwise, and the writer-producer of the adult graphic novel series Heathen City.

Born and raised in Amsterdam to Irish and Indonesian parents, he’s quite the xenophile and relishes the exigencies of diversity in language and culture.  As the son of a devout rock-n-roller (but lacking the skill to play any instrument) he preaches a blend of confident boldness, rigorous exercise and dedicated study to the art of writing, and when he writes or speaks on the subject, he favors a brash brand of tough love.

A prolific New Mediast, Alex’s online presence is nigh ubiquitous.  Aside from his personal blog at www.alexfvance.com, he can be found on Twitter, Facebook, SoFurry and FurAffinity.

He currently lives about five meters below sea-level on the largest man-made island in the world with his partner of eleven years, his beloved Apple computers, and cupboards filled with the trophies of devious, devious schemes.