Volker “Charlotte” Wuttke


Volker “Charlotte” Wuttke is a properly trained bookseller and was head of the LGBT bookstore MAENNERSCHWARM in Hamburg, Germany for many years. There he got his drag name “Charlotte” as well as established a small department for furry books and comics: the FUSSELSCHWARM.

After the closure of the bookshop in 2015, the FUSSELSCHWARM is now a mail-order-business (still located in northern Germany) for furry books, furry & queer comics, games and more. If Charlotte is not working her day job, you can find her at furry cons in Germany and the rest of Europe as well as local and queer events.

Twitter: @Fusselschwarm
Telegram: @Fusselschwarm
German Telegram info channel: https://t.me/FusselschwarmInfos
English Telegram info channel: https://t.me/FusselschwarmInfosEng
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mscharlotte/
Website: https://www.fusselschwarm.net/