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Blogs, Service Directories, and Other Resources

How to Self-Publish An Ebook (from The Creative Penn, a helpful walk-through of the process and considerations along the way, with numerous links)

Elizabeth S. Craig’s Ebook Services Directory (cover designers, freelance editors, ebook formatters, and more)

Barry Eisler’s Resources for Indie Authors

Indie Authors Series of blog posts at Fiction University (articles covering all aspects of self-publishing and marketing)

Cover Design (Pre-Made and Custom)


Go On Write


Retailers and Distributors

Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing)



Reviewer and Book Blogger Directories

The Book Blogger List

The Indie Book Reviewers List (must complete free registration for access)

Editing and Formatting

Ottercorrect Literature Services: Ottercorrect Literature Services offers reliable and affordable editing and formatting services to all types of stories, and is run within the furry fandom.