Patch O’Furr

patchofurrPatch O’Furr is founder and wrangler of writers behind Dogpatch Press, a project to explore furry fandom as its own subculture:  what makes it unique and sets it apart, who’s in it and why, and relationship with larger culture.  The blog is the most active source for Furry news, investigation, interviews, and reviews.  It draws tens of thousands of views per month, with stories every weekday.  It’s meant to bring bold claims, jaunty opinions, love, curiosity, and familiarity with kindred spirits across other subcultures, to expand the limits of fandom.

“What is ‘furry fandom,’ you may ask? I’m really not quite sure how to describe it, even though the phenomenon has attracted growing media coverage. Best you visit Dogpatch Press and explore ‘furry fandom’ for yourself.” – Michael Barrier, author of Hollywood Cartoons: American Animation in Its Golden Age (Oxford University Press.)

In 2014, Dogpatch Press was picked by major internet and TV comedy brand CollegeHumor to spread exclusive news about their animated short series “Furry Force”. Patch nominated it for the Furry community’s annual Ursa Major award.  It resulted in CollegeHumor’s lobbying for votes from their viewership, bringing unprecedented traffic to the award. Some criticized putting furries in a parodic light, but award organizers also praised the value of growing beyond modest internal attention. When the Ursa went to Furry Force, writer Adam Conover said: “What better honor is there for comedy writers, than for the community that you are making fun of to give you an award for how much they love what you made?”

Patch fursuits as a Husky, giving unconditional linty hugs for everyone.  In costume, he’s been an invited guest speaker for comedy shows, and dancer in music videos and on stage in front of 1,000.  He supports creators, dreamers, happy weirdos, and everything fabulous and furry.  He calls fursuiting “the theatrical soul of furriness” and its most original and playful activity.  Most of all, Street Fursuiting is where the magic is.