Miriam “Camio” Curzon

Miriam, also known as Camio or MC/Emsee, is a writer in the shape of a marbled polecat satyr. As a writer they engage primarily in speculative fiction, utilizing the fantastic to explore contemporary and historic conditions of queer intersectional otherness. By day they are dedicated to research on the globalization of transnational media with a grounding in feminist, queer, and critical race theory.

When not buried in doctoral research, Miriam enjoys playing cooperative or single-player games. They often help out with panels on writing at furry conventions in support of the Association for the Promotion of Anthropomorphic Writing’s AWOO program and as an alum of RAWR.

One of Miriam’s best-kept secrets is their insatiable desire for paws-on crafting, especially bookbinding.

Miriam is best known for their contributions to FurPlanet’s FANG series, including 6-8, 10, and the long-anticipated 11. Unfortunately, Miriam struggles with project juggling and half-finished (or half-edited) ideas. They hope that once they earn their doctorate, they will be able to take a good, long break to finish those projects.

They live in a Pillowfort where they post about writing, their writing, and even some of their published work: https://www.pillowfort.social/MCPolecat

They have digital satellites on: https://miriam-curzon.sofurry.com/ and https://www.furaffinity.net/user/miriamcurzon

Twittadon: @miriam_curzon and @camio@vulpine.club